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Pet Hair Dryer, High Power High Velocity Pet Blow Dryer

Refined Design for Pet Grooming Comfort – Our pet grooming dryer boasts a meticulous design featuring 4 versatile mouthpieces to cater to various grooming needs. With 4 waterproof bottom brackets, the dryer remains stable during use. The extendable 78-inch hose, resistant to high temperatures, ensures flexibility while grooming, even with restless pets. The heat insulation handle prevents prolonged use from causing discomfort or overheating.

Powerful Airflow for Swift Drying – Powered by a robust 1700W motor, our dryer delivers a rapid wind speed of up to 75m/s, efficiently drying pet hair in record time. The integrated negative ion release mechanism generates a concentrated stream of negative ions upon startup. These ions neutralize static electricity, resulting in sleeker, shinier fur, akin to the results achieved at professional pet grooming establishments.

Whisper-Quiet Operation at 70dB – Emulating the gentle flow of an aircraft propeller, our pet hair dryer’s fan blade design ensures a softer, less disruptive airflow. The thickened shell of the dryer effectively muffles operational noise. A tail filter sponge further diminishes noise, while also blocking debris and reducing potential malfunctions. Our noise reduction innovations prioritize keeping pets at ease during grooming sessions.

Advanced Adaptability for Pet Comfort – Equipped with a robust and stable motor, our dog grooming hair dryer offers infinitely variable speed adjustment and push-button temperature control. This allows pets to gradually acclimate to changing wind intensities, minimizing discomfort caused by sudden gusts. Wind speed can be tailored between 35m/s and 75m/s, while the temperature range spans from 96℉ to 140℉, ensuring a customizable and stress-free grooming experience.