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Blender Blade

【IMPRESSIVE FOOD PROCESSING CAPABILITY】: Unlock the true potential of your food processor with this replacement blade. Effortlessly chop vegetables, shred cheese, create velvety sauces, and whip up speedy pizza or cookie dough. The razor-sharp edge of this Ninja replacement blade ensures remarkable efficiency and enduring strength.

【EXTENSIVE COMPATIBILITY】: Designed to suit a variety of Ninja blender models including BN601, NF701, AMZ493BRN, BL770, BN801, BL910, BL680, BL681C, BL682, BL640, BL641, BL642, 500C, BL00780, and NC600CCO. Please bear in mind that different models correspond to different capacities. If you have any uncertainties, feel free to reach out. We want to clarify that the blender blade replacement is not an original Ninja product; it is solely intended to showcase accessory compatibility.

【ROBUST & HEALTHY MATERIAL】: Engineered from food-grade ABS material, this Ninja replacement blade stands as a testament to its sturdiness and safety. ABS boasts exceptional wear resistance, dimensional stability, and long-lasting durability. It retains its shape over time, offering peace of mind during extended use. Furthermore, it’s odorless, environmentally friendly, and completely safe for culinary applications.